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About Wooster Lake
Tanneron Bay's most treasured asset is Wooster Lake, a 100 acre natural lake formed by glaciers from the last ice age. It is situated in the "Fish Lake Drain" area, a tributary system feeding into Squaw Creek and ultimately to the Chain 'O Lakes. The area around Fish Lake (to the south) drains into Fish Lake, which has it's outlet through Fischer Lake to Wooster Lake to the north, and Wooster Lake has it's outlet to Duck Lake further north. Duck Lake's outlet is to Squaw Creek, a tributary to and part of the Chain. This system is not part of the Chain, so it is not possible to navigate from the Chain to Wooster Lake. This provides for a more calm and serene environment, free of speed boats and jet skis. Wooster Lake is well known for its excellent fishing and clear waters (rated 4th clearest in all of Lake County.) Also, the residential population around the lake is relatively low. To the south, Camp Henry Horner owns a large frontage property. There are natural wetlands on the south and west shores as well. The old Holiday Park occupies most of the western shore. This is being developed into a planned unit community of single-family and townhouses, but none will be directly on the lake. There are several private homes on the eastern shore and two on the northwestern shore. Tanneron Bay has several hundred feet of frontage on the north shore.

The lake is home to many different birds.
Go to The Sounds of Wooster Lake to see and hear some of them.


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