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Types of Fish at Tanneron Bay

Here is a list of the most popular varieties of fish in the waters of Tanneron Bay





Largemouth Bass

Northern Pike

Places to fish at Tanneron Bay

The pond on the east side of Tanneron Bay is large and open, approximately 8 feet deep, with gently sloping banks ideal for sitting (or standing) and fishing. However, this pond has not been routinely stocked and has a limited number of fish. Of all the areas to fish at Tanneron Bay, this is the most private and secluded.

The pond on the west side of Tanneron Bay is slightly smaller in area than the eastern pond, but is slightly deeper at 9 feet. It is located very close to
Wooster Lake, the boat docks and the fire pit. It is well stocked with several varieties of fish. It is very frequently fished by kids (as well as adults) because a boat is not required and because there are lots of small to medium-size fish. Here, you can sit on the banks of the pond or on a lawn chair, get some sun and almost always catch a few fish.

For the serious fisherman, the 100-acre Wooster Lake is the place to be.
The water is almost 40 feet at the deepest point and very clear, Wooster
Lake being the 4th cleanest lake in Lake County. The fishing is excellent,
with 40"+ Northerns caught quite often. The Bass population is also quite good, although there is a catch-and-release policy for conservation reasons. Of course, there are many Bluegills and Crappies for those summertime fish fries.

For more information on Wooster Lake and the surrounding area, visit the WLCCA site at:
Wooster Lake Conservation and Control Association